How To Tell If a Gucci Bag is Real

Where Can I Check A Gucci Serial Number?

One of the major ways to tell if a Gucci bag is real is to examine the serial number tag which is mostly rectangular and made of leather located at the top or near the zippers. In modern Gucci bags, from 2016/2017, and afterwards, the process of telling if a Gucci bag is real has been simplified. Modern Gucci handbags feature a QR ‘Quick Response’ code, which is scannable by smartphones to confirm its originality.


Gucci is one of the most expensive bags in the world alongside other top luxury bags like Louis Vuitton, Herms, and Chanel. Gucci bags come in iconic styles and designs that give them top-notch respect in the fashion world.

Gucci is held in high esteem for its use of high-quality materials, timeless styles, premium craftsmanship, and Gucci flairs like GG monogram canvas, bamboo handles, and horse-bit.


As there are real Gucci bags out there, there are also the fake Gucci bags imposing just like the real ones. You will not want to spend such a fortune to end up with a fake version of a Gucci bag, as such, I will be showing you 5 top ways to tell if a Gucci bag is real

5 Ways To Tell If a Gucci Bag Is Real

  1. Examine the Serial Number Tag
  2. Examine the Hardware
  3. Examine the Materials and Craftsmanship
  4. Check out the Authenticity Card
  5. Examine the Stitching

Examine the Serial Number Tag 

The serial number tag is a major indicator that tells if a Gucci bag is real or fake. To get the serial number tag, check inside the handbag near the interior zipped pocket. It normally comes in a rectangular shape with sharp right angles. When you see it, carefully observe both ends of the rectangular tag. In a real Gucci bag, the front end of the rectangular tag has three lines of a heat-stamped test, while the rear end has the serial number. Also, check out for a top line that serves as a trademark on the front of the tag. It has a “®” in a circle.

Directly below the trademark symbol is the word, “GUCCI” written in all capitalized signature Gucci front. Taking a closer look at the front, the ‘G’ and the two ‘C’s is round (almost like incomplete circles). Just below the Gucci word reads “made in Italy” (all written in lowercase letters).

Ensure that the front is original and the entire heat stamp is real (it must be precise and clear).

In a real Gucci bag, the right side serves as the backside of the serial number tag. So the Gucci’s number font on the back of its serial number tags should have serifs (it must have resemblances to a typewriter-style).


In a modern original Gucci bag, the rear end of the rectangular serial number tag contains 10 to 13 digits, arranged in two rows. The first row states the style of the handbag, while the second row is the supplier batch code. However the vintage Gucci handbags often times have one row of less than 10-13 digits, on more rounded leather tags, than the typical rectangular leather tags.

Please, this code isn’t letters, they will never have letters. Also, the font contains serifs that touch the numbers.

However, this code isn’t unique to your specific bag – other Gucci bags identical to yours from the same supplier have the same code. This is to say that you can find real Gucci bags sharing the same serial number sequence.

However, Gucci has improved on this authenticity indicator, by taking a  new step to fight away fake versions. Modern Gucci handbags made in 2016/2017 and afterwards feature a QR ‘Quick Response’ code, which is scannable by smartphones to confirm its originality. This has become difficult for imposters to produce a fake Gucci bag as it is hard to replicate the serial number tag and the QR code.

So if your Gucci bag is a new model, you can just simply look for the QR code, and scan it with your smartphone.

Examine the Hardware

The Gucci hardware greatly varies across its wide array of handbags styles. Some of the top hardware featured on the Gucci bags are the piston lock on Jackie O Hobo bags, horsebit closure, bamboo closure, and bamboo handles.


Even though the Gucci hardware differs, they all have one thing in common which is “quality.” To determine whether the bag is real, feel the weight and quality of the metal. Note that the metal is never light, nor does it have any form of roughness or is covered in plastic. If the metal feels cheap and light when you feel it, just know that there are chances that it is fake.

Also, carefully examine the zippers. This is one real feature counterfeiters do have difficulty replicating. In an original Gucci bag, the zippers are solid metal and branded with an engraving that spells ‘GUCCI’. The zippers are strong and built to be durable. If the zipper feels cheap or has a plastic covering over it, there are chances that the bag is fake.

Examine the Materials and Craftsmanship

As a top luxury bag, Gucci bags are made from the best materials with exceptional craftsmanship skills. This is the sole reason why you can see the 80s and 90S vintage Gucci handbags looking all good in perfect conditions.

When purchasing a Gucci bag, whether new or second-hand, the quality of the material should be one of the obvious things to look out for. If you can touch the bag to feel the material, the better.

Gucci bag is made of the signature GG monogram canvas, and Guccissima (“the most Gucci” leather, suede leather, exotic crocodile skins,) when you feel these materials, you feel the luxurious quality. Most fake Gucci bags use leathers that feel rough and smell unnatural due to their poor chemical finishing.


Check out the Authenticity Card

When purchasing an authentic Gucci bag, it comes with an authenticity card. This card is sometimes called a “controllato” card. It is grey in color, bearing the ‘GUCCI’ font logo, 10 numbers, and the word “controllato” written in all lowercase fonts. 

You are issued this card when you purchase an original Gucci bag. However never rely on just the authenticity card as proof of originality. If counterfeiters can replicate a whole bag, replicating a card is nothing for them.

However, while purchasing a Gucci bag, and you aren’t issued the “controllato” card, don’t be alarmed, as they can be lost at times. One thing you have to understand about this controllato card is that it is not unique to your specific bag but rather used on all new Gucci bags.

Due to the generic nature of the card, most reputable luxury resale fashion companies provide their own unique authenticity card accrediting that the bag is original.

Examine the Stitching

In an original Gucci handbag, the stitching is precise, and the thread most times isn’t the same color as the bag itself.


If you observe any unevenness in the stitching whether, in the form of gaps, breaks, or fraying, there are chances that the bag is fake.

Can You Look Up a Gucci Bag by Serial Number?

When purchasing a Gucci bag online, you can look up the Gucci serial number to determine whether it is real. The serial number is written on a rectangular tag, made of leather, that is usually sewn near or on the top of the zippers.

Authenticating Gucci handbags isn’t as difficult as most people see it to be. You mustn’t consult an authenticator, to authenticate the bag for you. All you have to do is to understand the foundational features and qualities of a Gucci bag.

These gathered premises serves as the springboard in which you authenticate your Gucci bag.

But in the case, that you are finding it difficult to understand the features of a Gucci bag, you can consult a credible authenticator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I spot a fake Gucci bag?

Authentic Gucci bags have certain distinctive features that set them apart from counterfeits. Look for details such as the quality of materials, stitching, hardware, and logo placement.

Are there specific signs to check for authenticity?

Yes, some common signs to check include the quality of the leather or fabric, the alignment of the logo, the accuracy of the stitching, and the authenticity of the hardware.

Is the Gucci logo a reliable indicator of authenticity?

While the Gucci logo can be an initial indicator, counterfeiters have become adept at replicating logos. Therefore, it’s essential to look for other details as well.

What is the best way to ensure a Gucci bag is authentic?

The best way is to buy directly from an authorized Gucci retailer or the official Gucci website. This guarantees the bag’s authenticity.

Does the price of the bag indicate authenticity?

Not necessarily. Some counterfeit Gucci bags are sold at high prices to deceive buyers. However, unusually low prices may be a red flag for a fake product.

What materials are authentic Gucci bags made from?

Gucci uses high-quality materials such as genuine leather, canvas, and other luxurious fabrics. Counterfeit bags often use cheaper alternatives.

Is there a specific label or tag I should look for inside the bag?

Yes, authentic Gucci bags should have a leather or fabric tag inside, which includes the brand name, “Gucci,” the country of origin, and a serial number.


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