How To Tell If a Burberry Bag Is Real

Where Are Real Burberry Bags Made?

To tell if a Burberry bag is real, you have to examine several parts of the bag such as the hardware, stitching, logo, plaid perfection, logo, hardware, and the bag label.


Burberry is a luxury brand that produces one of the most attainable luxury bags. It is a British brand that is synonymous with royal fashion and it gives you that classic touch to your personality.

Although luxury, you can get it at a more affordable price than other European luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel.


Apart from bags, the Burberry brand produces one of the best trench coats in Europe; this is to say that the brand is a reliable one.

Now let’s talk about different ways to tell if your Burberry bag is real.

8 Ways To Tell If A Burberry Bag Is Real

Below are the top eight ways to authenticate your Burberry bag to know whether it is real or fake.

Do not use the result of one way to conclude that the bag is original. For example, if the stitching of the bag doesn’t align with the original bag standard, but the hardware is excellent, that doesn’t mean the bag is authenticated. All the features must be present for you to conclude that the bag is real.

  1. The Bag Plaid Patterns Should be Straight and Aligned
  2. Check out the Font Letters of the Burberry Logo
  3. The Hardware Must be Solid and Heavy
  4. Examine the YKK Zippers
  5. The Stitching Must be Even
  6. Check out the Label or Metal Plaque
  7. Check out the Folded Bag Tag
  8. Examine the Haymarket Check Pattern and Knight Image

The Bag Plaid Patterns Should be Straight and Aligned

Burberry has several plaids, such as the Nova Check, Classic Check, and House Check. Each of these Burberry plaids has a specific colored background and stripes.


All Burberry plaids are aligned with straight lines and regular patterns. When you see a Burberry bag with an irregular plaid pattern design, it is a clear indication that the bag may be fake.

Aside from the printing of the plaid, you have to examine the construction of the bag. For example, if the front plaid meets the back plaid, the lines on the plaids should feature a seamless continuation to the side of the plaid. In fake Burberry, the plaid mismatch. And sometimes it is very obvious.

Check out the Font Letters of the Burberry Logo

To tell if a Burberry bag is real, one major feature to check out is the font letters on the logo. This is where most counterfeit Burberry bags do have a hard time replicating.  In an authenticate Burberry bag, the correct font displays the “Rs” having a slight tail, the left stem of the “U” is wider than the usual one, the left arm of the “Y” is also wider than the right one, the lower bowl of the “B” is slightly larger than the upper bowl, and the letter “E” bottom bar stretch beyond the length of the upper bar.

This logo is contained in the card booklet, which is located inside the bag. Also, the logo should be clearly printed and written in the center of the card.

The Hardware Must be Solid and Heavy

The Burberry hardware is made of solid metal. As such it is heavy when lifted up. A Burberry bag is never light, flimsy, or shows signs of cracks.

Some pieces of the metal hardware are engraved on the Burberry bag – the engraving is precise and neat.


The real Burberry bag features the equestrian knight symbol on its hardware. and this engraved knight symbol should be clear and easily identifiable. If it is blurry and dull, you should be suspicious of such as a bag.

Examine the YKK Zippers

Burberry bags pride themselves on the use of Riri brand YKK zippers. The zipper is engraved with the Riri logo. In a real Burberry bag, the zippers run smoothly both ways. Oftentimes, the zipper is consistent with the gold or silver color of leather tag embossing, and the other hardware.

The Stitching Must be Even

A real Burberry bag features even stitching, the stitching is straight without any form of uneven lines. The stitches are even in size and spacing – it doesn’t feature varying sizes and uneven spacing. The stitches must be tight, without any form of frayed threads. One important part of the stitching you need to check out is the lining. The seams on the lining should look visibly aligned and neat. Also, do not forget to examine the stitching that runs along with the shoulder straps, sides, and flaps. Burberry like its other luxury competitors such as Chanel, Coach, Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, is handcrafted, as such it should spell perfection at all sides.

When you observe that the craftsmanship of a Burberry bag is shoddy, or it is machine sewn, just know that you are dealing with a fake Burberry bag.

Check out the Label or Metal Plaque

Every Burberry bag contains a leather label or a metal plaque. On this metal plaque or leather label is the logo engraved at the center. In a real Burberry bag, the logo is readable with clear lettering.


Also in an authentic Burberry, the color of the metal plaque is consistent with the other parts of the bag. The engraving on the plaque is visibly clear and sharp.

In a fake Burberry bag, you will discover that the metal colors are mix-matched and the engraving looks dull and poor. Also, the engravings are dull and uneven.

Check out the Folded Bag Tag

The Burberry bag features the folded bag tag that contains the front on the outside. This tag contains the product details, such as the color, style, and barcode. You have to pay maximum attention to these details. In a real Burberry bag, the tag information should be consistent with the bag.

If you discover that the tag is mismatched with the bag, it means that the bag might be fake.

Examine the Haymarket Check Pattern and Knight Image

The Burberry bag features the Haymarket Check pattern that possesses an engraved knight image placed where the red lines intersect. This follows a distinctive pattern and is highly organized.


If your Burberry bag features the Haymarket Check pattern and the knight image is missing, there is a high tendency that it is a fake bag.

Are Authentic Burberry Bags Made In China?

Some of the Burberry bags, especially small-sized bags and accessories are made in China. So when you see the stamp made in China on your Blubbery bag, do not fret, it is original. This goes for both metal and leather Burberry bags.

Is Authentic Burberry Made In Thailand?

Apart from China, Burberry also produces its items in counties such as England, the United States Romania, India, Poland, Spain, and Italy.

Also, Burberry does not only produce its items itself, it contracts other fashion luxury makers in different parts of the world to make items for them.

Is Burberry Expensive?

In 2021, Burberry was ranked as the ninth most valuable luxury brand worldwide with a value of about 3.9 billion U.S. dollars. So it is safe to say that a Burberry bag will worth thousands of dollars to acquire.

There is good news, and the good news is that Burberry authenticates all of its products. Do visit the Burberry Checking site. Observe and carefully examine how they take and upload pictures so that you can be able to appropriately take a picture of your bag and upload it for authentication.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my Burberry bag is authentic?

Authentic Burberry bags often come with certain features that set them apart from counterfeit ones. Look for high-quality materials, precise stitching, and clean edges. Additionally, check for the Burberry logo, authenticity tags, and a unique serial number on the bag.

Are there specific signs that indicate a fake Burberry bag?

Yes, fake Burberry bags may have some noticeable signs of low quality and poor craftsmanship. Common indicators include sloppy stitching, uneven patterns or logos, misspelled words on labels, and inferior materials.

Is the price a reliable indicator of authenticity?

Not always. While authentic Burberry bags can be quite expensive, counterfeiters have become skilled at mimicking high-end products at lower prices. Be cautious when purchasing a bag at a significantly discounted price, as it may be too good to be true.

Can I verify the authenticity with the Burberry company?

Yes, Burberry provides customer support services and may help you verify the authenticity of your bag. You can contact their customer service with details like the bag’s serial number and other relevant information.

Where can I find the serial number on a Burberry bag?

The serial number is typically located on the inside of the bag, either on a leather tag or directly stamped onto the lining. It may also be found on a small fabric tag sewn into the seam.

Is there an official Burberry store or website to ensure authenticity?

Yes, buying directly from Burberry’s official stores or their official website is the safest way to ensure authenticity. However, be cautious of online marketplaces and unauthorized retailers, as counterfeit products are prevalent there.


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