How to Tell If a Coach Bag Is Real

How Do I Know My Coach Bag Is Authentic?

You can identify a real coach bag by its creed patch label containing a paragraph all in upper case that is reasonable to read, and underneath is the serial number that states where and when the bag was made. In addition, a real coach is never sold at flea markets, kiosks, or roadside vendors.


Founded in 1914 under the name Manhattan Leather Bags by Lillian and Miles Cahn, the Coach bag has grown to be one of the top-notch luxury bags in the world rocking shoulders with other luxury bags brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada Gucci, and Chanel.

Coach is considered the global leader in luxury handbags, and as of 2017, Coach operates over 900 stores worldwide that are directly operated by them.


Despite the strict measures taken by Coach to ensure its customers never get deceived by fake products, fake Coach bags have sneakily penetrated the market.

So, today we will be looking at how to tell if a coach bag is real.

10 Ways To Tell If a Coach Bag is Real and Not Fake

  1. Check out the retailer
  2. The Coach bag must be handcrafted with a visible quality look
  3. The hardware is made from quality materials
  4. Real Coach Zippers runs smoothly
  5. The stitching must be symmetrical
  6. The iconic C pattern must be perfectly aligned and symmetrical
  7. The creed patch and serial number shouldn’t be difficult to find
  8. The dust bag must be consistent with the packaging
  9. The iconic horse and buggy logo must be well detailed
  10. The lining is must be solid

Check out the retailer

One distinctive thing about Coach is that it doesn’t sell its bags at flea markets, in kiosks, in malls, or through street vendors. You can only get Coach bags through its designated official stores worldwide, or you order online via the official Coach website. Also, you can purchase authentic Coach handbags at Nordstrom, Amazon, Zappos, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Coach bag must be handcrafted with a visible quality look

Coach is a top luxury brand that prides itself on its well-designed handcrafted bags. The brand esteems quality craftsmanship, and nothing less.

In authenticating a Coach bag, one of the things you should examine is the overall craftsmanship of the bag. Carefully observe the outer shell, and ensure it is made from high-quality leather. Also, the bag should feel and smell like genuine leather. If the bag isn’t a real Coach bag, you may see marks and ill-fittings around it.


For Coach bags with rings, the leather loop where the ring connects should feel snug. This prevents the handles from being loose. In most fake Coach bags, there is usually a lot of space inside the loop, making it look loose.

The hardware is made from quality materials

Oftentimes, the coach hardware is made out of brass or nickel. So one of the fastest ways to tell if your Coach bag is real is to check its weight. A real Coach bag due to its quality hardware is solid and heavy. Anytime you lift up a Coach bag, and it feels light, just know that it is made of cheap materials, and as such fake.

For the Coach bag with rings, carefully examine to see if the rings are solid and seamless. On very few occasions, Coach bags have rings with seams, however, in this case, the seams on the rings are perfectly aligned and polished.

Also, you have to be suspicious of Coach Bags with plastic over the hardware. Most fake Coach Bags have plastic over their hardware to prevent humidity from tarnishing the low-quality metal.

Additionally, Coach tags are made out of leather hanging from a beaded chain. However, newer models now make use of metal tags.

Real Coach Zippers runs smoothly

Real zippers should run smoothly without hurdles. Also, check to see if the zippers are snug. Coach uses quality Zippers such as YKK and Ideal zippers.


The stitching must be symmetrical

Coach is known for its quality stitching. However the stitching may not be perfect, the hiccups are every minor compared to a fake Coach bag.

Counterfeit coach bags have stitching looking uneven and running over each other.

The iconic C pattern must be perfectly aligned and symmetrical

In an authentic Coach bag, the C’s have to be symmetrical and follow a particular pattern. The C’s can be printed or embroidered on the bag, but one thing certain is that the pattern is two C’s facing each other, followed by two C’s beside each other – it should be neatly aligned.

However, this is not a consistent standard across all Coach bags, as such, not a good ground for authentication.

The creed patch and serial number shouldn’t be difficult to find

Usually, regular-sized Coach bags come with a creed patch bearing the serial number on the inside. For smaller Coach bags and wallets, the creed patch is usually absent.


These creed patches contain a paragraph all in upper case that is reasonable to read. In fake Coach bags, the creed patches look okay but when don’t make sense, and contain a mixture of small and upper case letters.

Right below the paragraph is a serial number. The serial number starts with a letter followed by four numbers, a dash, and more numbers. The letter is synonymous with the month it was made (for example, A stands for January, B for February, C for March, and so on.) After the letter is the two digits that stand for the year the bag was made, then another two digits refer to the place of manufacture. The last set of digits is the style code. When you purchase your Coach bag from the factory outlet, you will spot the F right before the style code.

If you don’t spot the serial numbers on your creed patch, do not fret. The coach stopped putting the numbers on the patches of the bags in 2014.

In the newer models, you can find the serial number on the little white labels thrust inside the inner pocket

The dust bag must be consistent with the packaging

The dust bag of a real Coach bag should be white with the Coach logo drawn on the bottom right. If the logo is drawn at the center of the dust bag, that Coach bag is obviously fake.


If you order your Coach bag online through the website, the package comes with a letter explaining a little about Coach’s history, and the official invoice. The letter is signed by Coach’s president of retail.

The iconic horse and buggy logo must be well detailed

The Coach logo varies depending on where the bag was made. Coach bags made in New York may bear “Coach New York” and right beneath reads “Coach Leatherware Established 1941”.

Also, the iconic horse and buggy differ in size. The Iconic horse and buggy are quite bigger in the older models than the newer ones. One consistent thing is that they should be facing to the left. In a fake Coach bag, the iconic horse or buggy may be looking sloppy, and the details do not correspond.

The lining is must be solid

Coach prides itself on a quality lining that is usually made of canvas, satin, or quality leather. If a Coach bag has C’s outside, it will feature solid-colored lining, while if the Coach bag doesn’t have a C’s, it will feature vibrant linings,

When the brand does use C’s for the lining, it’s a subtle dark-on-dark coloring.

If the lining is extremely shiny, there are chances that the bag is fake.

How Much Does a Coach Bag Cost?

Small Coach bags cost around $135. Medium Sized Coach bags are around $300 to $400. Coach bags made from genuine alligator leather cost thousands of dollars.

In November 2021, Coach’s chief executive Todd Kahn stated that the prices of its items will increase following the global pandemic.

Where Are Coach Handbags Made?

Most Coach bags are made in China, but after President Donald Trump slapped significant tariffs on Chinese goods, the production gradually moved to other countries. Now, countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Myanmar produce Coach bags. But one feature that is common in this industry is its narrow window to sell.

Do Coach Bags Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Coach does not offer a lifetime warranty on its bags. You have the sole responsibility to take care of your bag and keep it away from children or any extreme conditions.

However, Coach offers a free lifetime leather care at Coach retail stores, which is very nice. So it is advised that you make a call to book an appointment anytime you want to give your bag leather treatment.

To be sure of your authentication when it comes to Coach Bags, you can easily contact customer care via their official website and provide your serial number. They will run it for you and confirm whether it is real or fake.


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