How To Tell If a Prada Bag Is Real

How Do You Know A Prada Bag Is Real?

To tell if a Prada bag is real, check the interior of the bag for the authenticity card. On the card is the bag serial number. For the verification, run a Google check to ascertain that the serial number and style information corresponds with the bag.


Prada is a great luxury brand that produces various personal items. There are the Prada shoes, Prada purse, Prada clothes, Prada sunglasses, the Prada bucket hat, and the Prada bag. For the Prada bag, it comes in different styles – there are the Prada crossbody bag, shoulder bag, and handbag. All of them are good and exotic. Prada designed different forms of bags to meet the diverse needs of fashion enthusiasts. And all of the Prada luxury items cost a fortune to purchase.

There has been a mass inflow of fake Prada bags into the market, hence the need to know how to tell if the Prada bag is real or not.


8 Ways To Tell If a Prada Bag is Real

Below are the eight basic ways to authenticate your Prada bag. As a Prada bag lover, you have to be conversant and understand these eight ways fully. This is because one singular way isn’t effective enough to authenticate a Prada bag.

If the Prada bag is excellent in one way and lacking in another, there are chances it may be fake. All the eight ways should be excellently available for you to confirm that a Prada bag is real.

  1. Check Out the Dustbag
  2. Check Out the Authenticity Card
  3. Examine the Logo
  4. Examine the Leather
  5. Interior Plaque
  6. Examine the Hardware and Zippers
  7. Examine the Stitching
  8. Examine the Lining

Check Out the Dustbag

All Prada bags come in a silky dustbag which is normally white in color and soft when felt. The dustbag has the Prada logo printed on the front.

Older Prada dustbags are usually navy in color with the Prada logo printed in gold.

To tell if your Prada bag is real, the font printed on the dust bag must be consistent with the Prada fonts used throughout the bag.


Check Out the Authenticity Card

Your Prada bag comes with a sealed Prada authenticity card and care booklets that bear the bag’s serial number and style information.

To authenticate the bag, do a Google check to ensure that the serial number and style information corresponds with the bag.

In the case that you notice that the authenticity card, has uneven spacing, discoloration, and low-quality prints, you should suspect such a bag. It could be fake.

Also, to further authenticate the bag, check inside the bag, you will see a small square white tag with a number on it. That number is the factory number of the bag. However, the fact that a Prada bag contains the square tiny tag does not make it to be original, counterfeiters can replicate it.

Examine the Logo 

The Prada logo which comes in the form of an inverted triangle stands as one of the unique logos used in the fashion industry. A real Prada bag has logo plaques that are visibly legible and evenly distributed on the leather.  Also, the color of the plaque must be consistent with the color of the bag’s exterior.

Some Prada bags don’t have the usual inverted triangle logo, instead, they feature a rectangular plaque with the inscription of the words ‘Prada Milano’.


To tell if a Prada bag is real, carefully observe the font and stitching of the Prada logo. An original Prada logo is usually located on the left. The double stitching is located at the left corner of the triangle. Next to this, the R must have a small notch opening in between, if it doesn’t, there are tendencies that the bag is a fake one.

Examine the Leather 

A real Prada bag is made of the highest quality of leather, which is the calf leather.” The leather look is luxurious when you see it and is soft and supple when felt. Most counterfeiters make use of fake leather which may look exotic far off, but when felt, it is strong and stiff. Regardless of the form and style of the Prada bags, the leather looks smooth and supple.

Also, carefully observe the colors in printed styles. The coloring shouldn’t be too bright and shiny in genuine Prada bags. Most fake Prada bags looks extremely bright with shiny hues.

Interior Plaque

In addition to the logo plaque on the exterior, Prada bags have an inner plaque. The design of the interior plaque may differ depending on the style of the bag.

Older Prada bags features ‘Prada Milano Made in Italy’ in three lines. While the new Prada bags features ‘Prada Made in Italy’ in two lines.


To tell if a Prada bag is real, the color of the inside plaque must be consistent with the internal fabric. If not, there are chances that the Prada bag is fake.

Examine the Hardware and Zippers 

The hardware and zippers of a Prada bag are always highly qualitative. The hardware and zippers of an authentic Prada bag are highly resistant to discoloration, rusting, and scratches. While you see otherwise, just know that it is fake.

The hardware of a real Prada bag can be gold-plated or stainless steel. The hardware must feature crisp brand-name engravings that are obviously legible and spaced apart. One thing unique about the Prada bag is that they never mix colors when it comes to hardware. It must either be all silver or gold, never a mixture of both.

Also, the hardware parts (such as zippers, locks, metal feet, buckles, and buttons) feature an engraved Prada brand name, which is always written in bold and upper case.

Prada bags used high-quality zippers from exotic brands such as Opti, Riri, Lampo, YKK, and Ipi. Also, ensure you run the zipper to see if it runs smoothly.


Examine the Stitching 

A real Prada bag stitching is perfect, even and neat, and made of sturdy thread, which color is consistent with that of the leather of the bag. One of the obvious signs of a fake Prada bag is that the stitching is messy and uneven.

If you notice that the stitching on the bag is glued, flee from that bag. It is absolutely fake.

Examine the Lining 

Prada bags make use of genuine leather or embossed jacquard fabric. The jacquard lining features a line of rope motif and the word Prada is written repeatedly.

The color of the printed lining must be consistent with the outer color of the bag. However, not all Prada bags possess this printed lining. Some Prada bags feature a Nappa leather lining that showcases a more modern finish than the printed lining.

How Do I Authenticate My Prada Bag Serial Number?

You can easily authenticate your Prada bag serial number. To verify the serial number, contact the Prada team directly from their online contact page. Indicate “validation request” in the subject line and insert your serial number and all relevant information contained on the authenticity card into the body of the message, and send.

Do All Prada Bags Have A White Tag?

All original Prada bags come with a factory code, inscribed on a small square white tag. The factory code is usually a sequence of numbers on it. Please note that a fake Prada bag may also come with a factory code. Also, because one does not have a factory code does not make it fake.

Do Prada Bags Have A Made In China Tag?

About 20% of the Prada bag collections are made in China . Also, some of the Prada bags are manufactured outside Italy in other cheaper countries such as Turkey, Vietnam, and Romania.

The hardware of the Prada bag is the first indicator of its authenticity. When you notice any unevenness and scratches, just know that it is fake.

All the features should be examined to ascertain the originality of the Prada bag. If you aren’t sure of your observations, you can consult a professional authenticator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine if my Prada bag is authentic or fake?

There are several key factors to look for when authenticating a Prada bag. Check the stitching, logo, materials, hardware, and overall craftsmanship.

What should I examine first when inspecting a Prada bag for authenticity?

Start by examining the quality of the stitching. Authentic Prada bags have precise and neat stitching without any loose threads or irregularities.

Are there any specific details on the logo that can help me verify the authenticity of my Prada bag?

Yes, the logo on an authentic Prada bag should be clear, well-defined, and symmetrical. The letters should not be smudged, and the spacing between them should be consistent.

How can I verify the materials used in my Prada bag?

Authentic Prada bags are made from high-quality materials such as genuine leather or durable fabric. The texture should feel luxurious, and there should be no signs of flimsy or cheap materials.

Are there any specific labels or tags inside the bag that indicate authenticity?

Yes, authentic Prada bags will have a leather tag or metal plate inside with the Prada logo, model number, and “Made in Italy” embossed on it. The font and positioning should be clean and consistent.

Are there any serial numbers on authentic Prada bags, and where can I find them?

Yes, most Prada bags have a unique serial number inside the bag or on a small tag. Make sure to cross-check this number with Prada’s official database or contact their customer service to verify its authenticity.


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