Do All Coach Bags Have a Leather Label Inside?

How Can You Tell If A Coach Bag Is Leather?

Coach is best known for its iconic tote bags, but the company has expanded into a full line of leather goods, including wallets and handbags.


Its classic leather bags are known for their distinctive branding and high-quality construction. The brand also offers some affordable leather goods, such as wallets, backpacks, iPad sleeves, and other accessories.

However, not every Coach bags are authentic and the need to validate whether a Coach bag is real or fake is very important. Some bags are made with fake leather while some are made with original leather; either way, you won’t be able to differentiate which is real until you check the label inside the coach bag which can either be a stitch or real leather.


Does Fake Coach Bags Have a Leather Label Inside?

The big question is whether or not the label is leather.

Coach bags, just like many other luxury bags like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, often have a label that’s made of leather. But if you look closely, it’s possible to tell from the stitching and the type of label (which usually has a crinkle texture) whether the leather label is real or not.

So what about spray-on labels? Some people argue that these labels are just as authentic as genuine leather ones because they’re made of the same material (vinyl). But as long as they’re not sewn into the bag, they’re not considered to be genuine leather.

That gives us the answer to the question, “Do all Coach bags have leather labels inside?”.

Not all Coach bags have a leather label inside. Original coach bags are identified with the real leather stitched inside showing the bag’s serial number and the replica/ fake coach bags have duplicated stitches inside which can be noticed as fake if looked at closely.


How to Identify Original Coach Bags

  • New Coach handbags are accompanied by a dust bag featuring the Coach logo. Check the font, spacing and positioning of the logo carefully. Older dust bag styles and colors may vary.
  • Inside a Coach handbag, there is a patch made of stamped leather. It begins “THIS IS A COACH BAG…”. All wording should appear in capital letters and be spelt correctly.
  • Handbags featuring the CCs are set as a double and they align symmetrically to the centre of the bag. Check the letter shape and alignment carefully.
  • Coach handbags feature a serial number on the inside patch. They start with the letters “No” for number. They should feature at least 6 digits and just one dash.
  • Check the stitching on the handbag very carefully. It should be straight, neat, even and clean.
  • Where featured on a Coach handbag the hardware will be made of solid metal and will not flake or chip. Some pieces may be engraved and if so the engraving will be clean with a high-quality finish.
  • New Coach handbags often feature logo tags. Attached by a beaded chain they can be made of leather, metal or plastic. Check the font, logo, and stitching.
  • New Coach handbags may feature a ‘Made in…’ tag on the interior. Coach makes its handbags in a variety of countries including China.

It is actually easy to point out if a coach bag is fake and does not have a label with a serial number. You just have to pay very close attention to check if the leather tag inside the bag is authentic or not.

If you’re currently doubting, I have a personal coach bag that was manufactured with real animal skin and has a real leather label inside. From the texture when you touch it, you’ll be able to ascertain if the bag is real.


Not all Coach bags have leather labels inside. An original coach bag will come with a stitched leather tag inside with a serial number printed on it while a fake coach bag would probably have a related stitch and a random serial number.

What is your experience with purchasing an original Coach bag? Would you love to share your experience with a fake Coach bag? 

I’ll be in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I identify a genuine Coach bag based on the label inside?

To identify a genuine Coach bag, look for a leather label that is sewn inside the bag’s interior. The label should have the Coach logo, typically embossed or imprinted, and contain information such as the bag’s style number, material description, and manufacturing location.


What information can I find on the leather label inside a Coach bag?

The leather label inside a Coach bag usually contains essential information about the bag. This may include the Coach logo, style number, bag name, material composition (e.g., leather, canvas), manufacturing location, and sometimes the bag’s care instructions.

How can I tell if the leather label is authentic or a counterfeit?

To verify the authenticity of the leather label, pay attention to details like the quality of the leather, the Coach logo’s precision, and the overall craftsmanship. Counterfeit labels may have spelling errors, uneven stitching, or poor-quality materials.

Are all Coach bags made of genuine leather if they have a leather label inside?

While many Coach bags with leather labels are made of genuine leather, not all of them are. Coach offers various bag collections with different materials, so it’s essential to check the label and product description for specific material information.

Are Coach bags made in the USA?

While Coach was originally founded in the USA and still maintains some manufacturing in the country, the brand has expanded globally. As of now, Coach produces bags in various locations, including the USA, Italy, China, Turkey, and other countries.

Does Coach offer a warranty on their bags?

Yes, Coach provides a limited warranty on their bags against manufacturing defects. The warranty period and coverage may vary depending on the specific bag and the country of purchase. It’s advisable to keep the original receipt as proof of purchase when making a warranty claim.



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