Are Bogg Bags Made in China?

How Can You Tell If A Bogg Bag Is Real Or Fake?

Bogg Bags are reusable shopping bags that are made with the use of recycled materials. While its producing company, Bogg Bag LLC, is based in the United States, the bags themselves are manufactured in China.


Boggs is not the only company with this offshore manufacturing positioning. Many American fashion brands outsource their production process to factories located in China. The major reason for this is to promote cost-effectiveness.

Despite outsourcing its manufacturing abroad, Bogg Bag LLC oversees the production of its bags to ensure each product is not below the standards for quality and durability.s


After being produced and assembled in China, these bags are then shipped to the U.S to be sold online and in-store at selected retailers’ locations. In other words, Bogg Bags are indeed made in China.

But what many find difficult to buy into is whether or not they are still made to the same high standards as all of the company’s products.

Is Made-in-China Bogg bags different from others?

All original Bogg bags are expected to be made from washable EVA foam. While they are made in China, they retain the feature of being designed with a grooved, tip-proof bottom.

There is no perceived drop in the quality of Bogg bags made in china because they still feature the same insert bag that is perfect for holding your phone, keys, and other essentials. Original Bogg Bags will also have sturdy handles and a sleek, rounded design that speaks of great versatility as a tote bag.


The idea of this production style all began with the need of its founder, KimberleeVaccarella, in 2011, to have a large, tip-proof, sturdy, easy to carry, and washable bag.


After being turned down by the industry, she determined to begin her journey to introduce the newest product phenomenon in the industry we now all celebrate today.

All authentic Bogg bags made in china will have the body made with EVA material. For example, the Baby Bogg Bag, the base of the Beauty, Bogg Cosmetic Bag, and the top of the Beauty and the Bogg Cosmetic Bag are all constructed of the canvas while their interior is lined with nylon.

Does made-in-China Bogg Bag come with inserts?

Yes, Bogg bags are identified with a set of two clear insert bags. The set contains one large insert bag with 3 white buttons across the back.

There is also a single, small insert bag with 2 white buttons across the back. Meanwhile, they are designed with a perforated exterior for improved versatility and functionality.

These popular totes are admired and purchased for being waterproof, incredibly easy to clean, durable, and tip-proof. It is not an uneasy task to find bags that are similar to these on the market.

Debunking the reduced after-wash quality of made-in-China Bogg bags

There is a misconception that many reviewers blindly promote Bogg bags, particularly with the view that they are manufactured in China. This is not true. While this post has no affiliation with the company, my position is based on my physical experience with the bag.


I once had a messy trip with my Bogg bag which was apparently made in China. When I got home, I used a mild soap and water. (I’d recommend you use a soft cloth and mild soapy water if you have Bogg Brrr and Beauty bags because of the surface stains on the nylon and canvas.)

After this, there was no deterioration in the quality. It was the reverse as my bag became more appealing after the cleaning.

Are there fake made-in-China Bogg bags?

Contefieter may never go out of the market as thee are a plethora of designer handbags of this nature in the market as we speak. It can be difficult to know whether or not a bag is real, especially if you’re not familiar with the brand.

Bogg Bags is among the list of popular fashion pieces that interest counterfeit producers. I have stumbled upon more than one website that claims to sell Bogg Bags, but only is the official channel.

There is a fake for everything, and coming across one while shopping, especially online, is inevitable. The best way to not become a victim is to buy from an authentic source, with the assurance that you’re getting a high-quality product.


Most fake Bogg Bag that says Made in China are likely designed with inferior materials and won’t have the same level of craftsmanship as the authentic bag.

When it comes to Bogg Bags, only the company’s official website or is reliable as a source to be sure one is getting a genuine product.

How to authenticate your Bogg bag

How do you know a Bogg bag is original? What are the key features to look out for before shelling out cash? The answer to these are ways you can authenticate a Bogg bag, irrespective of the production line.

The first and easiest way to authenticate Bogg bags is observing the bottom right-hand corner of the bag, which is expected to carry “bogg®” in all lower case. In contrast, many counterfeit Bogg bags will just have “bagg,” written on that area.

Apart from this, an original Bogg bag should come with handles attached. You also want to examine the overall quality of the bag to see that it matches the standard of original Bogg Bags. If the piece ticks all these boxes, that is a green light that you are getting a genuine Bogg Bag.


Bogg bag cost in 2022?

While there are many types of colors and prints for Bogg bags, these fashion pieces are made in only two different sizes by which the price is determined.

For example, the smaller size of the bag which is called the Baby Bogg Bags can set you back $70 maximum. You can expect to spend between $80 to $90 for a larger size of Bogg bags called Large Bogg bags. 

Another thing you should know is that these bags are usually not offered free shipping and the cost of shipping the bag is calculated per the size of the bag.

Who should buy the Bogg bag?

Bogg bags are essential for anyone who enjoys vacation and especially a beach day. It is an ideal companion for any family who is prioritizing convenience and flexibility in bags.

It allows you to take in a lot without making it uncomfortable to carry. If you are looking for a sturdy bag that will not blow over the wind on a windy day, then this is the best bet.

While they were created in the USA by a new Jersey mom, Bogg Bags are now made in China, and then imported to the United States for sales online and in selected retail stores.

The big deal about Bogg bags lies in their patented design, durability, and that it is washable, giving them an edge over other totes brands.

Meanwhile, they are fake Bogg bags out there that are made in China, and it is the responsibility lies with the buyer to be able to distinguish a counterfeit from the original. To play the safe card, it is not all Bogg bag online retailers you should trust. If you aren’t buying from the website or any Bogg bag outlet, then you shouldn’t be buying at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes does the Bogg Bag come in?

The Bogg Bag is available in two sizes: the Original Bogg Bag and the Baby Bogg Bag. The Original Bogg Bag measures 19″ x 15″ x 9.5″ and has plenty of room for all your essentials. The Baby Bogg Bag is a more compact version, measuring 15″ x 13″ x 5.25″, ideal for lighter loads.

What colors and designs are available?

Bogg Bags come in a wide range of vibrant colors and fun patterns. From classic solid colors to trendy prints, you can find a Bogg Bag that suits your personal style.

Is the Bogg Bag waterproof?

Yes, the Bogg Bag is made from waterproof EVA material, ensuring that your belongings stay dry even in wet conditions. This feature makes it an excellent choice for beach days, poolside lounging, or any water-related activities.

Can I use the Bogg Bag for grocery shopping?

Absolutely! The Bogg Bag is perfect for grocery shopping. Its spacious design and sturdy construction allow you to carry a variety of items while staying organized. Plus, you won’t have to worry about leaks from wet items like fruits or vegetables.

Can I use the Bogg Bag as a diaper bag?

Yes, many parents love using the Bogg Bag as a diaper bag due to its ample storage space and waterproof material. It can accommodate diapers, wipes, bottles, and other baby essentials.

Is the Bogg Bag suitable for travel?

Yes, the Bogg Bag is an excellent travel companion. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of travel, and its roomy interior allows you to carry travel essentials, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a long vacation.

Is the Bogg Bag suitable for carrying heavy items?

Yes, the Bogg Bag is designed to carry a significant amount of weight without compromising its structure or handles. However, like any tote bag, it’s essential not to overload it with items exceeding its capacity.

Can I use the Bogg Bag for the gym?

Yes, the Bogg Bag is a great gym companion. Its spacious interior can hold your workout clothes, shoes, water bottle, and other gym essentials. Additionally, the waterproof material makes it easy to wipe off any sweat or spills.

Where can I purchase a Bogg Bag?

Bogg Bags can be purchased from their official website, authorized retailers, or select online marketplaces. Check their website for a list of authorized sellers in your area.


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