Why Does My Coach Bag Set Off Alarms?

Why Does My Coach Purse Set Off Store Alarm?

The story of Coach bag owners setting off alarms each time they go into a store is not a new one on the internet.


If you have had your fair share of this embarrassing experience, you’d want to know why many Coach bags set off alarms. This post is for you. We will also look at how you can stop that from happening.

What makes Coach bags set off alarms in stores?

One of the common explanations for why items, especially designer products like Coach bags, will trigger alarms when scanned is that the anti-theft tag has been sewn into the bag and never deactivated. 

The security tag is composed of plastic, a small metal rod, and a powerful magnet. And so, the store where you have bought the Coach bag may not have any theft detecting system. 

So, you will initially think the manufacturer tags do not matter to me until you carry the bag and walk into other stores with the system which would certainly trigger if the tag was passing through the sensor.

How do I find the security tags in Coach Bags?

The theft tag is not an easy find when it comes to Coach bags. Some people say they can’t find any tag anywhere on the purse or bag. However, with the knowledge that Coach and Prada sometimes attach security tags to their products, you’d be more conscious about finding a way to narrow your search to the actual problem.

Generally, these security tags are attached to the Coach bags to trigger off an alarm if a shoplifter walks out with a product with the tag still on through the electronic sensors positioned at the exit door. 

However, suppose you purchase a Coach bag with this hidden tag, and it was not diactivated, it will continue to set the alarm off whenever you take it past sensors in stores that have these security systems.


If you seem not to find any tag, you’d want to closely examine the bag to find a 2″ X ½” tag. It can be peeled off if visible. But in some cases, you may be able to only feel it. In such a situation, you need a system to deactivate it.

How to stop your coach bag from setting off alarms

As mentioned earlier, you can put those embarrassing moments to an end by locating the security tag attached to the Coach bag and taking it off. Although some of them are sewn into the lining inside the bag, they aren’t any removable ones on some designs.

These tags are meant to be removed when you purchased be purse or bag, so the only way to stop the triggering is to track the tag down and remove it. In most Coach bags, it is located at the bottom or some small compartment in the bag that you probably haven’t seen yet. 

Here are potential DIY ways to remove security tags once identified from products like Coach Bags that make them set off the alarm:

The use of magnets

Get a high-powered magnet. Once you’ve identified where the tag is located on the Coach bag, place the magnet on the table and position the part of the bag where the tag is located bottom side down on the magnet. 

There will be a clicking sound that the magnet has connected with the tag, then you can manipulate the pin of the tag such that it slides right out from the next available space out of the compartment of the bag.


The use of rubber bands

Alternatively, you can wrap a rubber band around the metal pin of the tag until you cannot wrap it anymore. Afterward, begin to twist the two-piece in opposite directions upon hearing some clicks sounds.

By doing this, the tag should pop right off. This is a method that many retail stores that resell Coach bags adopt. It is also a common way shoplifters get the tags off Coach items in the dressing rooms.

Using force

Depending on the type of security tag, you can break it open with a small hammer, provided you are conscious enough not to damage the strap of the Coach bag.

The security tag is composed of plastic, a small metal rod, and a powerful magnet. This method is used in many small-scale retail shops too.

Visit a store with desensitizers

If you have doubts about eventually damaging the bag that you spent so much on, you can go to a store that has a desensitizer and run it across it. The machine will deactivate the security tag attached to the bag.


You don’t have to steal anything to make the alarm go off. Carrying or wearing an item with a security tag that somehow didn’t get deactivated by a cashier can trigger the sensor. Examples of these items can include wallets, cosmetic bags, purses, jackets, and accessories.

Unfortunately, some Coach bags fall into this category and has put many owners in unpleasant situations. Once you can remove them, you won’t set off alarms again. If you are scared of damaging your bag in a bid to remove the theft tag, you could go to a store that has a desensitizer and run it across it. It will deactivate the security tag

We draw the curtain on this post here and I hope you found it helpful. If, yes, then smash the share button to save a friend from their next sticky moment at Walmart for carrying a Coach bag that will set off alarms.

On the brighter side, setting off alarms in stores is a way of announcing you acquired a new Coach bag. Winks*


Why does my Coach bag trigger security alarms at airports and malls?

There are several reasons why your coach bag might trigger security alarms at the airport some of which includes: If they are built with; metallic components, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, anti-theft devices, or there are contaminants on the bags surface.


What materials are Coach bags made of that might trigger security sensors?

The following are some materials found in coach bags that are known to trigger security sensors; metallic hardware, RFID tags, electronic anti-theft devices.

How can I prevent my Coach bag from setting off security alarms?

If you want to stop your coach bag from setting off security alarms, then you need to take some of the following precautions: remove metallic items from the bag, check for RFID tags and remove them, remove anti-theft devices, choose security friendly bags, ask for manual inspection of the bag, be cautious when purchasing vintage or secondhand bag.

Do all Coach bags have RFID tags that could cause alarms to sound?

While Coach bags generally do not come with active RFID tags, some may have passive RFID tags for inventory purposes. If you suspect your bag has an RFID tag, check with Coach customer support or inspect the bag for any labeling or packaging that mentions RFID technology. If present, the RFID tag is unlikely to trigger alarms, but if you want to be extra cautious, you can keep the bag’s RFID side facing away from security sensors.

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