Authentic or Counterfeit? How to Tell If a Loewe Bag is Real?

Do Loewe Bags Have Serial Numbers?

Established in 1846 when Enqriqu Loewe joined a group of Spanish leather artisans, the Loewe is one of the trusted Spanish luxury fashion houses known for its high quality and durable premium leather goods, clothing, perfumes, and other fashion accessories. Loewe is not left out of the counterfeits den, as there is plenty of replication in the market. You have to be careful unless you will be swayed away.


How to tell if a Loewe bag is real? The fastest way to tell if a Loewe bag is real is to examine the shape of the bag, it should be cuboid in shape, and the little label on the interior side of the bag, there should be no flaw, with careful attention given to details. This is unlike a fake Loewe bag where you will observe some irregularities.

10 Ways to Tell if a Loewe Bag is Real

Here are the best ways to know if your Loewe bag is authentic

  1. Examine the Material
  2. Check out the Shape of the Bag
  3. Check out the Hardware
  4. Check the Adjustable Handle
  5. Examine the Interior Label
  6. Examine the Anagram Logo
  7. Check out the Exterior Side of the Bag
  8. Check out the Stitching on the Patch with the Strap
  9. Examine the Zipper Pull Tab
  10. Examine the keychain engraving

Examine the Material

Original Loewe bags are mostly made from leather, especially calfskin, except for the Loewe basket bags made from raffia. For the leather Loewe bags, the leather is supple and soft, and its look luxurious to the eyes. Any Loewe bag made of faux leather is fake.

Check out the Shape of the Bag

Loewe bags are famously known for their cuboid shape. The most recognized and iconic Loewe bag is the Loewe Puzzle bag designed by Jonathan Anderson, the creative director of the Loewe brand. Any Loewe bag that features an irregular shape tends to be fake.

Check out the Hardware

The original Loewe bag’s golden puller is thick, smooth, and shiny, unlike the fake versions that feature a silver puller that is thinner and dull. The puller features some lettering, and it should be wide and thick. The lettering should be looking all popped out and clear. The lettering is usually smaller and thinner in a fake Loewe bag with uneven spacing.

Check the Adjustable Handle

The adjustable handles allow you to wear your Loewe bags in five different ways. One of the significant premises of authentication is the material of the handle. The handle is made of real leather carefully crafted from classic calfskin. The stitching on the handles is smooth and symmetrical, and anything apart from this suggests that the bag is fake.

Examine the Interior Label

One of the significant ways to authenticate a Loewe bag is to examine its interior label. An original Loewe bag has its characters thinner, and they are arranged sequentially close to each other. Looking at the text, “Made in Spain,” you will observe that the lettering is thicker. However, in the fake Loewe bag, its characters are thinner, which prompts its engraving at the wrong thickness. Due to this fake thickness, the lettering is automatically placed a bit far away from each other, making it look all scattered and disorganized.


Examine the Anagram Logo

The Anagram logo in an original Loewe bag looks spectacular, and it features details that are differently colored, super thick, and smaller. It is simply exquisite.


Check out the Exterior Side of the Bag

The second way to tell if a Loewe bag is real is to run a check on the exterior side of the bag. The exterior of the bag features the brand’s logo. In an authentic Loewe bag, the logo appears thick, with the logo fitting less deep inside the bag, making the logo look thinner. While in a fake Loewe bag, the same logo is thinner, or the thickness is misplaced. Additionally, it can be too thick in a fake handbag with THE logo fitting too deep inside the metal.

Check out the Stitching on the Patch with the Strap

Another legit way to tell if a Loewe bag is original is to check out the stitching on the patch with the straps. The stitching is well done in an original Loewe bag, with even spacing, as attention to detail is observed. While in a fake Loewe bag, the stitching is poorly done, and you will observe some unevenness. In an original bag, the stitching is big and thicker, with even density throughout the patch areas, while in a fake bag, the stitching is too thin and small, and the density is rough and even.

Examine the Zipper Pull Tab

To check for the authenticity of a Loewe bag, you have to examine the stitchings and the little pull tab in which you have to pull zip the pocket.

The genuine Loewe Puzzle bag features its stitching lines looking bigger and thinner against the fake Loewe bag, while the stitching seems too small and thick. In most cases, the stitching along the zipper pull tab may look smooth in most fake bags, the only way to differentiate it is to examine its texture.

The fake Loewe Puzzle bag has threads in the stitching lines that look too small and thick compared to the real Puzzle bag.


Examine the keychain engraving

The keychain engraving is a significant premise to authenticate a real Loewe bag from a fake one. Deep inside the metal of the keychain is the brand name, all written in upper case. In an original Loewe bag, the font size is perfect with the font color, bold and clear enough for you to read the lettering.

In a fake Loewe Puzzle bag, the brand’s name “LOEWE” is too thick, and it goes deep inside the metal, while in the authentic bag, the text “LOEWE” is a bit thinner and doesn’t fit deep inside the metal. The look in an original Loewe ba is slimmer.

Examine the brand’s logo on the zipper of the bag

The Loewe symbol logo engraved at the base of the zipper is one of the major premises to examine to tell if a Loewe bag is original.

The logo in an original Loewe bag features a thin look and fits in not too deep inside the metal. The logo appears thicker in a fake Loewe bag and fits deep into the metal.


How Do You Carry a Loewe Puzzle Bag?

Loewe Puzzle bags have adjustable handles that allow you to wear the bag in five different ways. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or a clutch.

With the above ten steps, you should be able to authenticate your Loewe bag fully. If you aren’t sure of your authentication, you can employ the services of a credible authenticator. Finally, ensure you buy Loewe bags directly from its outlets or any authorized stores.


How can I tell if my Loewe bag is authentic?

to verify if a loewe bag is authentic kindly follow these steps: 1. Check the Logo and Branding; 2. Quality of Materials; 3. Stitching and Craftsmanship; 4. Hardware and Zippers 5. Serial Number and Tag; 6. Packaging and Dust Bag; 7. Authenticate the Seller; 8. Compare with Official Website; 9. Seek Expert Opinion; 10. Trust Your Instincts;

Are there any common signs of a counterfeit Loewe bag?

Yes! Here is a list of common signs you should look out for to detect a counterfeit Loewe bag: 1. Poor Quality Materials; 2. Inaccurate Logo and Branding; 3. Mismatched Hardware; 4. Inconsistent Stitching; 5. Missing Serial Number or Tag; 6. Cheap Packaging; 7. Unusual Discounts 8. No Original Receipt; 9. Different Design Details; 10. Unfamiliar Sellers;

What materials are commonly used in authentic Loewe bags?

Authentic Loewe bags are known for their use of high-quality materials, and the brand takes great pride in crafting luxurious and durable bags. Some of the commonly used materials in authentic Loewe bags include: Genuine Leather; suede; canvas; exotic skins; fabrics; metal hardware;


What is the warranty policy for authentic Loewe bags?

Loewe offers a limited warranty on their products, including authentic Loewe bags. The specific details of the warranty policy can vary based on the country or region of purchase, so it’s essential to check with Loewe’s official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Are there any legal repercussions for buying or selling counterfeit Loewe bags?

Yes, there can be legal repercussions for both buying and selling counterfeit Loewe bags, as well as any other counterfeit products. Counterfeiting is illegal and considered a form of intellectual property infringement. The consequences can vary depending on the country and its laws.

Where can I find the serial number or authenticity tag on a genuine Loewe bag?

The location of the serial number or authenticity tag on a genuine Loewe bag can vary depending on the bag’s design and style. However, there are a few common places where you can typically find this information: Inside Zipper Pocket; Interior Side Seam; Interior Leather Tag; Underneath a Flap or Closure; On the Dust Bag; Authentication Card or Booklet;


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