Is Telfar Bag Vegan?

Is Telfar All Vegan?

The Telfar brand is a self-financed black-owned fashion company that produces some of the fastest-selling affordable luxury bags in the United States.


Telfar bags are 100% vegan leather, and they serve both casual and functional purposes. They are strictly vegan leather, nothing more or less than that.  

In the course of this article, we will be looking at what vegan leather entails and its composition so that you can be better equipped to take care of your vegan bags better.


What is Vegan Leather Made of?

Vegan leather is made of polyurethane, a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate links, which makes it flexible enough to be used in the making of bags, bedding, furniture, and carpet underlay.

Also, vegan leather can be made from sustainable materials such as recycled plastics, apple peels, pineapple leaves, cork, and other fruit waste. Unlike other top luxury brands, Telfar brand is more ethical in its production and emits fewer wastes into the environment.

Is Vegan Leather Good Quality?

Vegan leather varies in quality, and it comes in different quality ranges. The higher the quality of the leather, the longer its durability, and the higher the worth. The lesser the leather quality, the lesser the durability span, and the more affordable the bag is. So it is safe to say that Vegan leather is of good quality.


Which Lasts Longer: Real Leather or Vegan Leather?

Genuine leather is more durable than vegan leather, unlike real leather, which is natural and gotten directly from animals. Vegan leather isn’t natural, as most of the materials are chemically mixed and made. The most popular kinds of vegan leather in the market are PU and PVC. They both have a lifespan of two to five years. On the other end, a real leather bag can last as long as 25 and still be sold as vintage models.

Is Vegan Leather Genuine Leather?

Vegan leather isn’t genuine leather because it is not from animal skins like real leather. You can also call Vegan leather faux leather, leather, or synthetic leather.


Is all Fake Leather Vegan?

Yes, it is. However, most faux leather may look real, as if it was made of real leather. You should know that no matter how real it seems, faux leather isn’t made directly from animal products; it isn’t real leather.

Is Vegan Leather Cheaper than Real leather?

Vegan leather is relatively cheaper than real leather. The process of making vegan leather is less tedious than that of real leather. No animal is being killed in vegan leather, while in real leather, animals are killed, skinned, and the leather tanned and processed underneath extensive chemical combustion. Also, vegan leather is made of simple and affordable materials, commonly available and seen around.

Which is better Faux Leather or Vegan Leather?

Faux leather is most times interchanged with vegan leather. The only way to measure the difference and ascertain which is better is through its longevity. Vegan leathers are more durable and tend to last longer than pleather, known as plastic leather or faux leather. However, if you are not really good with leather, you may not be able to tell the difference.

Does Vegan Leather Crack?

Unlike real leather, Vegan leather isn’t 100% resistant to cracking. However, it does not crack that easily. Vegan leather is thinner than real leather, so when exposed to bleach or heat, the layer may be stretched due to its thinness, resulting in cracks, including tears.

Does Vegan Leather Age?

In terms of durability, vegan leather is far less than real leather. Unlike real leather that can stay for a long period and still possess high resell value. Vegan leather isn’t like that, and It does not develop a patina over time as real leather does. Also, due to the artificial pores printed on the exterior part of the leather, vegan leather tends to be less breathable.

What are the Advantages of Vegan Leather?

Below are the advantages of vegan leather



Leather products are exclusively meant for the wealthy class, as they can’t be afforded by many. However, they are durable, stylish, and classic. The best thing is that you can get the same features in vegan leather – classic, durable, and diverse at almost half the price. Isn’t it wonderful?

Cruelty – Free

It has been established that vegan leather isn’t from any animal source; it is a more ethical type of leather. Apart from being ethical, it is more eco-friendly than other varieties of leather.

Leather goes through extensive tanning, which involves solid chemical treatments before they are fit to be used for production. This adds to the waste in the environment and the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. With vegan leather, the safety of our animals and the environment is guaranteed.

More diversity in Colors and Textures

Due to the intensive tanning process of animal leather, it isn’t easy to experiment and make bags of different colors and textures. However, this is not a problem with vegan leather, as you can make bags of different colors and textures. Your limit is boundless. Bags made of vegan leather come in more diverse colors, textures, and shapes than bags made of real leather.


If you are a fan of leather products, you should know that water is poison for them. However, vegan leather doesn’t have these disadvantages. It is water-resistant to a large extent. Vegan leather can hold water for a good period, only sustaining minimal cracks and tears.


What are the Disadvantages of Vegan Leather?

It does not have a Good Resell Value

Vegan leather isn’t as durable as real leather. Unlike real leather, which can last for over 20 years, vegan leather has a lifespan of two to five years. Their resell value is meagre. Most vintage leather products have a higher worth in the resell market than newly produced and launched vegan leather.

Vegan Leather is not Breathable

Vegan leather is not breathable, especially the PVC vegan leather type. It does not develop the same lustre or patina found in real leather.

It is Environmental Wasteful

Compared to real leather, which is gotten from animals, Vegan leather is made from artificial materials, which adds more waste to the environment.

Telfar bags are strictly vegan leather. This does not make it any inferior to real leather. However, you can still enjoy the diversity in style, colors, class, and elegance feature in the real leather, on a minimal level. Any Telfar bags made of plastic are fake and should be reported.

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