Are Telfar Bags Leather?

What Type Of Material Is Used For Telfar Bags?

Telfar’s shopping bag has remarkably become a symbol of fashion democracy. While Telfar bags are notable for their adaptability and versatility for formal and functional uses, many confuse the material used to make this fashion piece. 


Importantly, the material of these bags is among the crucial things to examine when shopping for an authentic one. But are Telfar bags real leather?

Telfar bags are 100% vegan leather with a synthetic twill interior lining. Telfar bags have consistent construction detailing across all designs, presented in small, medium, and large styles. The vegan leather material is among the specific details for when shopping for an Authentic Telfar bag.


Aside from the leather material type, Telfar bags are notable for their adaptability. They are typically designed with straps and handles that make them multifunctional. However, the popular Telfar bags are ones for shoppers with structured aesthetics. 

Where is Telfar Vegan leather made from?

Telfar produces bags made from vegan leather, which is technically a composition of faux and often made from polyurethane, sourced and packaged in a 100% cotton drawstring bag with a screen-printed logo.

While the black-owned fashion label has the laurel of producing the best vegan shopping, their approach to design, using their quality material, is focused on having a minimalist yet iconic design.

Among all the styles, the Telfar’s shopping bags stick out. The sleek mini bags are equally designed in vegan leather and feature the signature “T” logo but are hard to find with an attainable price of around $257.

Where to get original Telfar bags?

Following my recent visit to the Telfar website, you should be informed that the iconic tote with the telfar signature logo is sold out. So if you are going to purchase from the official channel, you may want to sign up to their mailing list to be kept abreast of their weekly drops.


Meanwhile, you can find various styles of Telfar bags on popular online shopping platforms like Amazon, but they go out of stock very quickly. The same situation applies to other similar online retailers like Shopbop. The best thing to do, I’d recommend, is to sign up to the mailing list of these sites to get notified when the bags are in stock.

While Telfar bags are sacres on online retail platforms, many people are reselling the bags online. You can expect to shell out extra cash to get the resell ones – you will find many of these on eBay.

The only problem with buying Telfar shopping bags on eBay is that it requires you to be very careful and vigilant against counterfeit products.

Speaking about counterfeit, you should look out for things when buying Telfar bags, generally, apart from verifying that the material used is leather – Vegan leather.

Besides material, other things to authenticate real Telfar bags

The need to hone the skill of spotting fake Telfar bags has never been this time, given the real scarcity of these designer fashion pieces. The company has said that it is not trying to create fake scarcity.

It appears the demand for the bag is just crazy. So, if you can not wait for the next bag drop on Telfar’s website, you can go ahead to buy from resellers on popular online shopping platforms. But take note of these factors:


1. The logo of the Telfar bag is one of the easiest ways to tell if it’s fake. You want to make sure that the bag features a single debossed logo at the front that displays a T inside a C.

2. Original telfar bags are constructed with a boxy structure silhouette. Fake ones usually miss out the detail to achieve this structure which leads us to the next point


3. Another way to check for an authentic Telfar bag, besides the leather material, is to examine the stitching. Real products should be at a 45-degree angle on the bottom corners.

4. Also, make sure that your bag has a double shoulder strap and double top handles. Fake ones usually feature just one.

5. When buying a resale of Telfar bags, examine the interior logo, too. You should see a single jacquard square logo attached to the back wall.


6. Lastly, the brand tag of the bag is found inside the lower interior of the piece. You want to make sure the text written on the tag is not different from “TELFAR / EST. 2005, NYC”.

Most Recommended Telfar Bags

here’s a list of Telfar bags that you should have in your closet.

The small Oxblood Shopping Bag

Largely patronized by fashion models and celebrities, this Telfar’s small oxblood shopping bag is sold at attainable prices, especially the small version. I fell in love with it when I saw how fashion-icon Selah Marley rocked it.

However, I have my reservations about the bag, so I don’t wear it that often safe for a special occasion, unlike the shopping bag’s next one.

The small Orange Shopping Bag

Where can’t you carry this 1.74 inches tall, 6.80 inches wide, and 1.15 inches deep shopping bag? I got many compliments taking it to a party and grabbing dinner. However, this party-ready small orange bag is only available in the orange color, which means it may be outfit selective.


Nevertheless, it is one style you can turn to when you want to elevate your outfit without moving a muscle.

Large Yellow Shopping Bag

Telfar is renowned for making the best stylish shopping bags for everyday use. This large yellow shopping bag is a reflection of that reputation. It is a popular style as far as the year’s hottest color for shopping bags. 

I like it, particularly the “Gen Z” appeal with its structure and aesthetics. We have spotted many fashionistas with this fashion piece in time past, like Dua Lipa. It may be quite pricey compared to similar styles, but what is $250 compared to what you enjoy with this bag?

This brings us to the end of this brief article. As mentioned earlier, Telfar bags are vegan leather with a synthetic twill interior lining across all styles. However, the material for production accounts for one out of the many other things you should check when authenticating real Tellfar bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Telfar bags leather?

No, Telfar bags are not made of leather. Telfar bags are crafted from a high-quality vegan leather material, making them an excellent choice for individuals who prefer cruelty-free and sustainable fashion.

What material are Telfar bags made of?

Telfar bags are made from a durable and animal-friendly material called “vegan leather.” This material is synthetic and replicates the look and feel of genuine leather without using any animal-derived components.

What are the benefits of choosing a Telfar bag made from vegan leather?

Opting for a Telfar bag made from vegan leather has several benefits. Firstly, it aligns with ethical and sustainable fashion practices by avoiding the use of animal products. Secondly, vegan leather tends to be more affordable than genuine leather, making Telfar bags accessible to a wider audience. Lastly, vegan leather is generally easier to clean and maintain.

How can I differentiate between Telfar’s vegan leather bags and their other collections?

Telfar’s vegan leather bags are generally labeled or advertised as such. The brand takes pride in offering ethical and sustainable fashion options and will typically specify if a bag is made from vegan leather in their product descriptions or marketing materials.

Where can I purchase Telfar Bags?

Telfar Bags can be purchased directly from the official Telfar website ( when available. They may also be found at selected high-end retail stores or authorized distributors.

Are Telfar Bags affordable?

Yes, one of the defining features of Telfar Bags is their commitment to accessibility and affordability. The brand’s motto “Not for You, for Everyone” reflects their mission to create luxury products that are accessible to a broader audience.

Do Telfar Bags come with a warranty?

Yes, Telfar Bags usually come with a limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Check the warranty policy on their website or the information provided with the bag for specific details.


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