YSL Bags: Original Vs. Fake Comparisons

How Do You Know If A Ysl Bag Is Real?

YSL (Saint Laurent) bags are among the popular luxury bags worldwide. The popularity of the French designer explains why it is inevitable to encounter counterfeit or fake versions.


There is always a replica version of YSL bags across various styles, sizes, and even production times. Hence, buyers have to be very careful before splurging thousands of dollars on a fake fashion piece.

If you are buying a YSL bag, there are a few key features to examine, which this article has been developed to expose you to.


Generally speaking, the difference between original and fake YSL bags can be spotted in the bag’s interior label, the stitching details, the YSL metal initials logo, and the text on the dust bag.

The rest of this article will expose you to comprehensive authentication tips to help you decern between fake vs. original YSL bags so that you don’t waste your money on counterfeit.

How do you check if the YSL bag is original?

In most situations, the insanely cheap cost of a YSL bag could indicate counterfeit. Aside from the price, the engraving of the serial number and the “made in Italy” is also a place to check.

You also want to carefully check the letters to see that the serial number isn’t missing and there is no single flaw in the writing; otherwise, it is probably a counterfeit.

How to spot fake YSL bags?

I can categorize the method I use in spotting fake YSL bags into seven different steps. I have used this approach to single out many YSL bag styles that are counterfeited. As you follow these steps, pay attention to the details, the most important thing.


Step 1: Go straight to the interior side of the bag’s label. This is the best way to spot a fake Yves Saint Laurent bag. Fake ones will never have flawless details in the texts compared to original ones.

Step 2: Examine the rare side of the inside label where the serial numbers and the “MADE IN ITALY” text is written. Here, Replica YSL bags will use fonts that are not as thick as the texts in Original YSL bags.


Step 3: Check the inscription on the strap of the bag. Authentic YSL bags have their “SAINT LAURENT PARIS” inscription at the middle of the strap with a thinner font and more space between characters. Fake ones take the opposite.

Step 4: The “SAINT LAURENT” text on the zipper of your YSL bag should be examined because fake ones will have the brand name badly font-weighted while original ones will have a thinner and spaced font.

Step 5: Next, the threads and stitching on the handlers of the authentic vs. fake YSL bags are different such that genuine ones have thinner threading details than the fake bag, with the stitching angled in an equal direction. In comparison, fake YSL bags have threading details that are too thick and angled in too many directions.

Step 6: Original YSL bags will engrave the brand name in their metallic buttons, but with a thinner and flawless text. On the contrary, some fake YSL bags may miss out on this detail. And even if they don’t, the text is usually too thick and telltale fake.


Step 7: Now to the first thing we set our eyes on – the YSL metallic logo. When closely observed, fake designer bags have the bottom of the YSL letters very curly. This is contrary to the original ones, where the edges of the YSL letters are not curly.

Also, the logo on replica YSL bags is thinner, while genuine bags have the YSL logo slightly thicker.

On top of these, you want to examine the bag’s overall material, bag hardware, and body construction, which will help you differentiate between original and fake YSL bags.

Do fake YSL bags have serial numbers?

The serial numbers engraved in the interior label of YSL bags are one of the salient authenticity indicators. Sadly, some replica YSL bags have serial numbers, too.

However, the fake ones usually have incorrect or thicker fonts, which are light silver instead of white. Newer YSL bag designs have serial numbers expressed in three letters, six digits, and another four digits separated by a dot.


But some YSL styles, especially vintage designs, have their serial number expressed with just 12 digits that are separated by a dot. 

Is it OK to buy fake YSL bags?

Nowadays, owning original designer handbags like YSL is simply a luxury show or an unvoiced echo of social class. Women who need bags to carry out or keep essential items as they go about their everyday lives may want to do that and still tune in with the ongoing fashion trend.

This is why buying fake YSL bags for them isn’t not-okay. But if you are real to authentic luxury and want to enjoy the durability of a lifetime, you’d see original YSL bags as an investment.

When you buy a brand new modern YSL bag, you will be handed a white authenticity card and a black care manual fitted inside a black envelope. All this useful packaging and exclusive detailing don’t come when you buy a fake one.

Remember that replica items are often bad in quality and will not last as long as they should.


Is YSL the most counterfieted bag?

Luckily, YSL isn’t the most counterfeited handbag in the fashion industry, but this is not to deny the influx of replica YSL styles in the market nowadays.

To mention a list of the most counterfeited handbag companies globally, Louis Vuitton will emerge as the first on the list. You will find more fake LV bags, especially in the online marketplace, than any other luxury brand bag in the world.

The ease of replicating LV designs and the strong appeal that every LV item pulls may be the reason for the spike in replica products.

Where can I get my YSL bag authenticated?

Luxury designer bags that you’ve purchased can be authenticated. Aside from the useful verification tips shared above, there are places you can go to if you need help with the authentication of your YSL bag. 

Many of them can be found online and might set you back for a couple of dollars. But what they do, aside from the tips shared, is to receive a good quality picture of your YSL bag and then revert to you on its genuineness within 48 hours or less. 

Luckily, you don’t have to spend so much to find out the genuineness of your YSL. 

Please take a good shot of the bag details and post them in the comment section. My team and I are willing to help you examine the photos you send with evidential reports on why we think the YSL bag could be fake or original.

It is not easy to spot a fake designer bag by just roughly looking at the appearance.

In most cases, differentiating between YSL fake and original styles will require you to go into the details such as threading and stitching, font size and shape, level of engraved text, and even material texture.

I hope the authentication tips shared in the above article have cleared the air on the possible differences between YSL fake Vs. Original bags.

Stay frosty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I spot the difference between an original YSL bag and a fake one?

Several key indicators can help you identify an original YSL bag. Look for the quality of materials, stitching, and hardware. YSL bags are made from high-quality materials, and the stitching should be neat and precise. The hardware, such as zippers and logo accents, should also be well-crafted and have a weighty feel.

Are there specific details on the YSL bag that I should pay attention to while determining its authenticity?

Yes, inspect the YSL logo carefully. Authentic YSL bags have a clean and clear logo, usually with consistent spacing and font style. Counterfeit bags may have uneven logos, misspelled words, or poor-quality stamps.

Is the price a reliable indicator of authenticity?

While genuine YSL bags can be quite expensive, the price alone is not a definitive indicator of authenticity. Some counterfeit bags may be sold at high prices to deceive buyers. Therefore, it’s crucial to thoroughly examine other aspects of the bag’s design and quality.

Where should I purchase a YSL bag to ensure it’s authentic?

To reduce the risk of buying a fake YSL bag, it is best to purchase from authorized YSL boutiques, department stores, or reputable luxury retailers. Buying from reputable sources provides a higher chance of obtaining an authentic product.

Can online marketplaces be trusted for purchasing YSL bags?

While some online marketplaces may sell authentic YSL bags, it’s essential to be cautious and verify the seller’s credibility. Look for positive reviews, seller ratings, and product images that show the bag’s details to make an informed decision.

What are the common features that fake YSL bags often get wrong?

Counterfeit YSL bags may have several discrepancies, such as low-quality materials, uneven stitching, misaligned logos, and inferior hardware. They may also lack the attention to detail present in authentic YSL bags.


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