Do All Coach Bags Have A Serial Number?

How Do I Know My Coach Bag Is Authentic?

The serial number that comes with most popular designer luxury bag is an important feature people look out for when validating the authenticity of the goods they are about to splurge on. 


Suppose the particular Coach bag you are buying does not have a serial number. In that case, you’d want to be sure whether all original coach bags come with serial numbers.

To ease the tension, not all original Coach bags have serial numbers, though the majority of their bag style has. Most authentic Coach items that do not come with a serial number include smaller goods like wallets and pouches, wristlets, cosmetic bags, and other small accessories. 


There are even some vintage Coach bags, especially those designed before the 1980s, that do not have serial numbers so you shouldn’t conclude on sensing a red flag when you come across some Coach bags that fall under this category.

In other words, while the numbers on the tag of Coach bags are an indicator to verify whether the bag is genuine or not, its absence doesn’t always mean it is fake. 

Some luxury brands give every single one of their bags a serial number, which is an individual number that is unique to the specific bag. This is a branding and security strategy that Coach equally adopted until in the early 90s when they moved into having “style number” combined with a few extra numbers that are way more useful than the conventional serial number. 

In the rest of this article, we will focus on how to identify authentic coach bag serial numbers, other valid reason that explains why selected coach item have no serial numbers, and some examples of original Coach bags that are generally known to have no serial numbers.

First things first…

Where do I find the serial Number on Coach Bags?

Once you lay hold on a supposed original Coach bag, and you want to locate the style number, the first place to look is on the Coach story patch, often called the Coach creed patch. 

It is a little rectangular-like leather patch located inside the bag that equally contains a small text detail about the Coach brand (the creed), as well as other information like whether it is a special style, and the material used in producing the bag.

What do authentic coach bag serial numbers look like?

The serial numbers used to identify and brand each Coach bag may be different from the format used in other luxury fashion brands’ bags.

Most Coach bags, especially older ones, the creed is stamped straight onto the leather others have the creed stamped straight onto a creed patch as seen in the picture below

Do fake bags have serial numbers?

A knock-off Coach bag can have a serial number, but the details of the serial number can be examined to know that it is not genuine. It has become a personal branding element for designer bags to have an inside tag with a brand name and a serial number on it. 

Original luxury bags like Coach has an inside tag that is hand-stitched, but some designs have their own stamped into the leather. 


As mentioned earlier, it is possible to have a Coach bag with a creed patch that does not have a number on it at all. So, focusing on the serial number alone as a means to authenticate your Coach bag is not ideal,

Some years ago, the brand has seized to put the style number of the bag on a small white tag sewn into the bag, rather than on the creed patch. 

Possible reasons why your coach item has no serial numbers 

Suppose you open your newly purchased Coach bag or one you are currently using but want to verify if it’s genuine, and then you find no number on the creed patch and no small white tag inside, theses are four possible explanations:

  1. The Particular Coach bag in question is a limited edition runway or sample bag.
  2. The bag could be one of the few items in which Coach simply does not include their style numbers in
  3. Your bag is a genuine Coach bag but was manufactured and used for promotional photo shoots
  4. The bag could be a fake one

Meanwhile, bags that are possibly used for promotional photo shoots are often produced before the actual production starts. So, it is possible the style number is not added by then and these bags find their way to the market by Coach employees who go to resell them out there.


How to verify Coach Bags serial numbers

We have been to establish that even some fake Coach bags have serial Numbers, only that these numbers do not always correspond with the official representation of these markings. 


In other words, when discussing the presence or absence of serial or style numbers in Coach bags as a part means of authentification, you need to know how to identify a valid serial number, that is, what they stand for.

Every original Coach bag will have a creed which consists of a leather square panel and features the following:

  • A style number
  • A unique serial number
  • It is perfectly centered
  • It is always stitched onto the bag
  • It is never glued on.
  • The creed provides details of the origin of the bag 

A huge red flag is when the creed of the bag has a lot of typos or spelling mistakes.

Now, unto the serial number, you want to make sure it is stamped into the fabric of the creed and never inked on. Also, if the serial number doesn’t start with “No.,” the abbreviation for “number,” then it’s most likely not genuine. In addition, the authentic serial number is never lesser than seven digits.

You’d be able to check all these details when you shop for the bag physically. So, if you want to buy your Coach bag online, it is advised that you request a picture of the creed and a serial number of the Coach bag. 


Take note that Coach bags that are rolled out after1994 have more than two digits in the first part of the serial number. Most counterfeits will have just one or two digits. In some cases, the numbers are replaced with letters instead.

Not all authentic Coach bags will have a serial number. So much so, that some fake Coach bags have serial numbers, only that these numbers can be examined to prove they are not authentic.

The serial number of every Coach bag will have the first letter which stands for the MONTH in which the bag was manufactured. This is followed by a set of numbers that represent the YEAR of manufacture, and then a letter or number that represents the PLACE of manufacture. 

The trend and innovation system at which Coach is redesigning their bags is on speed, so I always work very hard to keep my articles updated and ensure that the information in them is accurate and current.

If you think there is something about the serial numbers of Coach bags that would make this post, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Coach bags have a serial number?

Yes, authentic Coach bags do have a serial number. It is one of the important features used to verify the bag’s authenticity and differentiate it from counterfeit products.

Where can I find the serial number on my Coach bag?

The serial number is typically located on a small leather patch inside the bag. In most cases, you can find it on the interior pocket, along the seam, or on the inside lining. It may be embossed, printed, or stitched onto the leather.

How can I identify if the serial number on my Coach bag is genuine?

To verify the authenticity of your Coach bag’s serial number, you can contact Coach customer service directly or use the official Coach website to authenticate your bag. Additionally, you can visit an authorized Coach retailer or boutique to seek their assistance.

What information does the Coach bag’s serial number provide?

The serial number on a Coach bag typically contains important details such as the bag’s style number, manufacturing date, and the bag’s unique identification code. This information helps Coach track the bag’s production and distribution.

Can two authentic Coach bags have the same serial number?

No, each Coach bag should have a unique serial number. Serial numbers are used to identify individual bags and should not be duplicated.

What should I do if my Coach bag does not have a serial number?

If your Coach bag is missing a serial number or if you suspect it may be a counterfeit product, it is best to contact Coach customer service or visit an authorized retailer to have the bag inspected. Authentic Coach bags should always have a serial number.

Can I register my Coach bag using its serial number?

Yes, Coach provides the option to register your authentic bag using its serial number on their official website. Registering your bag may offer additional benefits and warranty coverage.


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