Marc Jacobs Vs Kate Spade Bags: Which Is Better?

Is Marc Jacobs Considered A Luxury Brand?

It is easier to stand out with your outfit when you ice the cake with a designer bag. Hence, you won’t go wrong by splurging on bags with a luxury reputation like Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade.


However, when choosing between the two American designer brands, one must have a thorough knowledge of both to make a great buying decision.

While both designers have been in the business for decades-long enough to establish authority in the fashion industry – the striking difference between bags made by the two brands is seen in their price range, overall outlook, and the demographic of their target customers.


To begin with, buying Kate Spade bags tend to cost you less than Marc Jacobs bags and has a higher price tag for most of the handbag styles. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs’s handbags appeal more to those who love edgy and fashion-forward designs.

There is more to these differences, however. In the rest of this article, we will look at how the specification, pros, and cons of bags made by the two American fashion powerhouses shape our decision and verdict on which bag is better.

All about Marc Jacobs bags

Every Marc Jacob handbag loyalist will probably be familiar with the “grunge” collection of Marc Jacobs that spurred the grunge fashion trend in the 1990s.

The typical aesthetic of bags made by Marc Jacobs can be considered to have a unique streetwear twist, which makes it a better choice for those who prefer the edgy style. 

Generally speaking, the brand is authentic and unpredictable. These two qualities have made bags of Marc Jacobs become one that celebrities turn to whenever they intend to create bold fashion looks.


The typical style of Mj bags is more fitting and suitable for everyday use, such as for brunches, beaches, and even the office. Some of the popular Marc Jacobs bag collection that has won the hearts of many include The Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyewear, and the Louis Vuitton x Marc Jacobs collaboration.


  • Bags appearance are authentic and bold
  • Bags are very fashionable yet functional
  • The superb quality of Marc Jacobs bags justifies its expensive price
  • A great buy for those who need to carry a lot of things in their bag
  • Easy to clean


  • Low affordability compared to Kate Spade
  • The rising presence of counterfeit in the market

All about Kate Spade bags

Kate Spade is known for its colorful, playful styles of clothing. This is well exemplified in their bag designs, explaining why they exude the street and runway attitude. You can characterize Kate Spade bags with bright colors and whimsical prints.

Their handbags are identified with signature bows and charms, with most designs made from different kinds of leather, including Saffiano, Italian, Crosshatched, Pebbled, and a few other quite expensive fabrics. For example, some of their bag styles feature high-end nylon or canvas.

The interesting part of the sales of Kate Spade bags is how the brand has been able to prioritize women’s empowerment, especially through its campaigns. The company is devoted to making women feel loved, beautiful, and ultimately empowered.

However, there are reservations about its quality and durability, which many believe is compensated with its reasonably affordable price.


  • Knows for known for its bright, aesthetically pleasing bags 
  • Held its reputation as a luxury brand for decades
  • a variety of high-quality bag color options
  • A luxury designer brand with a more affordable option


Similarities between Marc Jacobs bags and Kate Spade bags

Again, as we will see in full context shortly, the target audience, style, and prices of Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade bags separate them, But both are widely known for their unique designs and styles.


In other words, the style of Marc Jacob’s bag appeals more to those who are fashion-forward people, while that of Kate Spade bags wins the interest of those who are fashion-conscious. Nevertheless, these are areas where we can find both brands on similar grounds:

1. Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade have their signature style and iconic handbags

2. They both have the reputation of being in the handbag production business for decades

3. They both command a high level of aesthetic attention from celebrities, only that their demographic of target market differ

4. They are both American fashion powerhouse


5. Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade are equally considered luxurious brand, even though the prices of one sticks out from the other

Comparing Marc Jacobs bags Vs. Kate Spade bags 

Let’s get down to the head-to-head comparison across various viewpoints worthy of consideration.


Handbags are one of the most sought-after makes of the Marc Jacobs brand. It would have been ironic since most of their bags cost several hundred to a thousand dollars. But they are of the finest quality and fancied by wealthy individuals.

While the brand makes high-quality handbags from leather and canvas materials, Kate spade bags are better if your definition of quality extends to modern and highly sophisticated colors and designs.

The price shouldn’t necessarily represent the level of quality. For instance, Kate Spade bags are made with an exterior material called saffiano leather, which is tough to break, dirt-repellent, and water-proof,


Aesthetics appeal

The aesthetics of Kate spade bags represent minimalism and the washed-out, dour aesthetic known as heroin chic. Loyalists of bags made by the brand love the rainbow collection of cool and quirky handbags. 

The approach to design in most kate spade bags is simple shapes, and unique designs such as a small black spade are centered at the top of the logo, with the label’s name written in black lowercase.

On the other hand, Marc Jacobs’s bags can be recognized from a first glance as long as the recycle-shape-like circular monogram comes into sight. The aesthetic of bags made by Marc Jacobs is similar to Kate spade, just as both brands are no longer perceived as top-tier luxury brands by consumers. 

Nevertheless, the aesthetic appeal of Kate spade bags tilts to fashionable women who love variety and are conscious of it. In contrast, Marc Jacobs bags appeals more to people who appreciate designs that suit current outfit trends.

Interior details

We can easily grade the performance of interior detailing of both Marc Jacobs bags and Kate spade bags in the same quality control category; however, in terms of quality, interior inclusive, Marc Jacobs is much higher than Kate Spade. 

Both brands have their benefits and drawbacks in interior detailing, but similarities can be spotted in the material of linning and the quality of stitching. Nevertheless, Marc Jacobs bags are the better brand because it offers better quality and is more fashionable.

Bag weight

Where quality, aesthetics, and interior detail quality still put you on the fence in choosing which fashion brand to go with, the bag weight might be the deciding factor. Depending on the style, bot Marc Jacob and Kate Spade bags are made to be lightweight yet durable.

However, in terms of functional utility design without sacrificing the freedom of strain on the shoulders, I recommend Kate spade bags over Marc Jacob bags. However, for the latter brand, I like how their tote bags are usually lightweight compared to that made by Kate spade.

Price tags

Generally speaking, the prices of Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade bags are pretty similar. However, when closely examined across various styles, one will notice that Marc Jacobs is more expensive than Kate Spade.

…only that the price difference is not huge. 

There is no big deal to the differences in their prices because they can be easily categorized under the same class in the hierarchy of luxurious bags.

Regardless, the quality of the products is different, and the price tags of their designs are have been defined by their different reputation, target audience, and approach to aesthetic appeal.

Final verdict: My opinion

So far, we have seen the difference between bags made by both American fashion designer houses – Marc Jacobs and Kate spade. 

Although both brands are not considered as much of a luxury brand as a few of the top-tier ones of today, if you have to ever choose between bags made by both designers, you have to consider the viewpoints shared in the above article.

I am sure you have decided which one best suits your style and precious budget. 

However, given that your handbag has a strong impact on your overall outlook, you need a bag that will suit every occasion and last a lifetime. With this idea, Marc Jacob bags are a better investment to beat quality than Kate Spade.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments.



What are the main differences between Marc Jacobs bags and Kate Spade bags?

Marc Jacobs bags and Kate Spade bags differ in terms of brand identity, design aesthetics, materials used, and overall style. Marc Jacobs often offers edgier and fashion-forward designs, while Kate Spade focuses on classic and sophisticated styles.

Which brand offers more affordable bags, Marc Jacobs, or Kate Spade?

In general, Kate Spade bags may be more affordable compared to Marc Jacobs bags, but the price can vary depending on the specific model and collection.

Are Marc Jacobs bags and Kate Spade bags of similar quality in terms of craftsmanship?

Both brands are reputable and known for their quality craftsmanship, but the specific quality may vary depending on the bag model and materials used.

Do Marc Jacobs bags or Kate Spade bags have a wider variety of bag styles and sizes?

Marc Jacobs often offers a diverse range of bag styles and sizes, appealing to various tastes and needs. However, Kate Spade also provides a wide selection of classic and versatile designs.

Which brand is more suitable for formal occasions, Marc Jacobs, or Kate Spade?

Kate Spade bags are often associated with classic and sophisticated designs that work well for formal occasions, while certain Marc Jacobs bags with elegant styles can also be suitable for dressier events.

Are Marc Jacobs bags and Kate Spade bags equally durable and long-lasting?

Both brands use quality materials and craftsmanship, resulting in durable bags. However, individual care and usage can impact the longevity of any bag.


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